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Thursday, October 01, 2009

PARIS: GARETH PUGH STILL ROCKS (and might debut a cheaper line!)

The English designer is one of the first to show during Paris Shows.

Paris -....and we j'adore! Here's a peek at some of the clothes making it down the runway. I die. Pugh's looks are not necessarily wearable on the average figure, but they are a marvel to see and get one (or at least this one) so excited about clothing. It looks as future fantastic , or gothic chic, as one would expect Pugh's shows to be, but yet it doesn't feel as though he is a one trick pony. In other news.....our boy is considering a stab at an affordably priced diffusion line. In an interview with he says:

I have considered it. The offers have come in, and every time we get an offer, I mull it over. I’d like more people to have access to my clothes, but the timing hasn’t been right, or the project hasn’t been right, or some combination of both those things. The first time I was approached, I wasn’t even producing the garments I was showing on the runway. I didn’t have a factory. Everything I was making, I was making by hand. Doing a fast-fashion collection seemed a little premature.

In other words, those companies that asked before, they should keep asking?

Sure, keep asking. And I’ll keep thinking.

[The Cut]

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