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Monday, October 26, 2009

With cupcakes, balloons and pins.
New York - New Yorkers get your sweets on because the Olsens have taken their promotional duties onto the streets for their new line with JCPenny called Olsenboye. Today a truck will be going around New York selling Olsenboye merchandise and handing out cupcakes, balloons and pins to drum up excitement for the line. And that's how you do it, ladies and gentlemen. You say cupcakes and I'm there, especially when it's free cupcakes. As far as updates goes with the Olsenboye line, the collection will hit 50 select JCPenny stores for a limited time on November 6; by February 60o JCPenny stores will carry the line. JCPenney executive Liz Sweeny said, "It's really important that Olsenboye serves lots of girls. It's not just about girls size zero or one." And apparently Mary-Kate and Ashley approached JCPenny about collaborating with the department store for a clothing line. Sweeny added that the Olsens recognized JCPenney had a "wider reach," and the Olsens also are interested in starting a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed for Olsenboye.  [Story via The Cut; Image via Racked/WWD]   
Kristina Bustos

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ANNELOOK said...

I'm a little sad over this...noone respects the visual uniqueness of the Olsen's as much as me and I feel like this just isn't them at all...sell out. :(

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