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Saturday, October 10, 2009


United Bamboo features cats, wearing miniature versions of the label's recent runway looks, for its 2010 calendar.

World Wide Web - File this under: "It's too cute to hate." I  have never been a big fan of dressing up pets in outfits. A little accessory, like a bow or a tiny scarf around its neck, is fine but a full on outfit? I just don't see the appeal of it; however, I will admit United Bamboo dressing cats in chic miniature versions of its spring 2010 runway pieces for its 2010 calendar is pretty darn cute. A preview of the calendar is making its round in many fashion blogs, but you'll have to wait until November for the calendar's release. Now for the cat-lovers out there, who are squealing at the thought of having this calendar hanging on your wall, I have bad news and good news. Bad news is that according to Racked, UB's calendars are sold out; Good news is that you can still reserve your own copy by contacting the label via e-mail ( I'm sure UB won't hesitate to publish more copies after seeing the responses for its 2010 purrrfect calendar. [Story/Images via Pipeline/Refinery 29]
united-bamboo-cat-calendar-1.jpg united-bamboo-cat-calendar-3.jpg
Kristina Bustos

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Orion09 said...

I don't understand cats in women's clothing nor wolves in sheep's wool! Design the wear for the wearer! Is that too boring? BSAAW ;-) Great article.

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