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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


And it's called, wait for it, "Shoe-han."

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New York - Clever name for a shoe line there, Mama Lohan. You know this was bound to happen, Blaynistas. After all Lindsay Lohan can't have all the spotlight on her because it really doesn't work like that with the Lohan Family. And Dina just had to try to butt in and announce her shoe line days after her daughter's disastrous Ungaro Spring 2010 show. This family, I swear, but I digress. Dina's press release says that she "will be appearing as a shoe fashionista later this on month on television and radio commercials." That's great! Now where can I purchase my own pair of Shoe-han shoes? Well, Dina's shoe line will be sold on and the site wants to launch the line worldwide by Mother's Day. There's nothing like showing your mother you appreciate all the love and support she has given you through the years with a pair of Dina Lohan shoes. Gag me. [The Cut]

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