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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have faith that there is a blaynista out there somewhere that could walk a million miles in these up and down 7th Avenue
Alexander McQueen alligator shoes spring/summer 2010
Alexander McQueen alligator shoes spring/summer 2010
UK- today these Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes arrived in the British Vogue offices and the fashionistas daringly took them for a test drive. while I don't think anyone was completely successful. I have faith a blaynista has it in her to give them drive up and down 7th avenue. initially the shoes were said to be 10inchs but the Vogue Girls measured them when they came in and they measured up to 12inches. i digress... actually I don't even think the shoes are the most attractive, they are undoubtedly conceptual and are interesting but I don't see anyone wearing these other than Victoria Beckham. I can be almost certain that she has these in her possession already and is waiting for the spring to pull the out
Terrence Phearse

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Anonymous said...

those are the ugliest shoes i've ever seen

i don't even...

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