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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

And so exactly what are the two designers talking about?
Designer Vera Wang attends the unveiling celebration for the new third floor at Saks Fifth Avenue on September 9, 2009 in New York City.Designer Marc Jacobs attend attends the New York special screening of "The September Issue" at The Museum of Modern Art on August 19, 2009 in New York City.
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World Wide Web - It's none other than reality television show. What else did you think they were talking about? Vera Wang attended the National Arts Awards last night (Oct. 5), hosted by Americans for the Arts at Cipriani. In an interview with, the designer expressed her love for the arts and named artists who she would purchase art pieces  from if she could afford them, such as Tom Sachs and "the guy who does all the pills". (Anyone know who that guy is?) That wasn't all what Vera brought up in the interview. She also revealed a future project. "I'm doing a TV show. It's coming. I don't know when, or how, but it's coming," Vera said. You heard that, Blaynistas. I'm clutching my pearls right now. First of she better not be playing around. Second of I think the quality and success of her show will depend on what network the future "Vera Wang show" will air. If Bravo (or I can even see TLC doing it) is behind the production, I have high hopes. [Style]
Now a designer who is saying "no" to reality television show is Marc Jacobs. Well okay it was his spokeswoman who revealed the news. Last week there were reports that the designer had decided to appear on a gay version of Real Housewives on Logo called Kept. (Where was I when this news got around?) After noticing an item about the show on Gawker with a photo of Marc and his boyfriend Lorenzo Martone, the Daily News published a story stating that Marc had "reportedly signed on to participate." The story then was picked up by gossip outlets. A spokeswoman for Marc, however, confirmed that the designer will not be taking part in the show. "It's been causing a lot of confusion," she said. "Marc and Lorenzo haven't been approached about it as far as I know." Before you start thinking, "Wait, they "haven't been approached about it as far as I know" so are you saying that there's a possibility that Marc could do a reality show in the future? The spokeswoman added that Marc and Lorenzo have no plans to star in a reality show anytime soon. Oh darn, but I think we'll live. If you are, however, wondering if Kept is for real in spite of the news Marc isn't doing it, it is in fact a show that could happen. The show's producers are looking for couples "where one guy is the 'breadwinner' [and] the other living large on his dime." Oh, so now I see why Gawker used a photo of Marc and Lorenzo. I kid, I kid. [Cityfile]
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