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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Vogue editor-in-chief (and a true "Stylemaker") turns 60 today.
(Anna Wintour at the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue during Fashion's Night Out.)
New York - Who doesn't love Anna Wintour? Even Jay-Z name drops her on "Empire State of Mind"...sort of: Now you're in style and in the winter gets cold/ En vogue with your skin out, the city of sin is a pity on a whim. No? Okay moving on. In 1986 Anna became the editor of British Vogue and after two years with the magazine she was appointed the editor-in-chief of US Vogue. This year Anna was the star of The September Issue, a documentary that chronicles her preparation for Vogue's 2007 September Fashion Issue. You have to appreciate the fashion icon's dedication and hard work she puts for the magazine. And if you feel like writing to her to show your appreciation, today is the day to do it because Ms. Wintour turns 60. To celebrate here are images of Anna on David Letterman's Late Show to promote The September Issue and at the Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2010 show during New York Fashion Week. We also added two vintage Anna, which were taken in the 90s. Happy Birthday, Anna!
Anna Wintour's tips for designers wanting to make it big

Kristina Bustos

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