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Friday, November 13, 2009


Sanrio celebrates Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary with medical figurines.

World Wide Web - If you've been wondering what the inside of Hello Kitty would look like, well here is your answer. And really? I didn't expect anything else from the super cute Sanrio character. Of course, her colorful organs would have bows and faces on them. This month marks the 35th anniversary of the much-loved Japanese icon created by Sanrio on November 1st, 1974. Hello Kitty, Sanrio and Dr. Romanelli collaborated together to create this medical pack toys, which are available for purchase at Colette. You know? On second thought there is something disturbing about these Hello Kitty medical figurines. [Story/Image: FWD]

Kristina Bustos

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

these are amazing. interesting way to celebrate the 35th anniversary of hello kitty though.

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