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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Grammy award-winning producer Pharrell Williams collaborates with European brand Moncler to create special edition "bulletproof" jackets.

World Wide Web - Music producer Pharrell Williams continues to show his interest in design. In the past he co-founded two clothing brands (Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear), co-designed a collection of jewelry and glasses for Louis Vuitton, and worked on furniture with French manufacturer, Domeau & Pérès. Now Williams is collaborating with European brand Moncler to design "bulletproof" jackets with the use of his own company, Bionic Yarn, which sources its material from recycled plastic bottles. The collection will consist of "an all-black selection that will include extended length, 'bulletproof' puffer jackets." Williams said in a release, "To me, Moncler has always been the premier luxury outerwear brand. Their clothes are the chicest and blend classic outerwear with high-end fabrics." The collection will debut in the fall 2010 season. [Story: FWD]

Kristina Bustos

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