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Thursday, November 05, 2009

The  French fashion house creates a memory playing card set, proving that you are never too old to play the memory card game.
hermes cards
France - Now this is something I never expected would ever be done, but I admit Hermès creating a memory playing card set is a cute idea. The set features drawings from the Emile Hermès Collection and the whole package is $215. Okay now that isn't cute but if you are wanting to play card games with the cards designed by Hermès then more power to you. The fashion house also has created Poker and Bridge cards that are only $80. It also did its own fashionable take of the game dominoes, which actually is two hundred dollars more than the memory card set. I know, Blaynistas, but look at the small brown leather case to carry in the mini wood dominoes. It's gorgeous! [Story/Image: FWD]
Kristina Bustos

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Easy French said...

It's a very stylish leather case :)

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