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Monday, November 23, 2009


The documentary film about the life of designer Valentino Garavani is shortlisted as a possible contender for the best documentary Oscar.

World Wide Web - This year we have two documentary films revolving around the world of fashion -- Valentino: The Last Emperor and The September Issue. Valentino, a documentary film about the life of designer Valentino Garavani, premiered in August 2008 but it was released theatrically in New York in March 2009. The September Issue, which was released in August 2009, follows editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her Vogue Magazine staff in preparing the Vogue's 2007 September issue. That 2007 issue with 840 pages became the largest issue of any magazine ever published. Only one of these fashion films, however, has been considered as a contender for the best documentary Oscar and it's Valentino: The Last Emperor. The designer said, "What can I say? An Oscar would be an incredible crowning for an emperor." Valentino's creations have been worn by many Hollywood actresses attending the Oscars and the designer even was a guest at the 2009 Oscar. [Story: UK Vogue/Image: USA Today]

Kristina Bustos

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