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Monday, May 07, 2007


...oh to be at the metropolitan museum tonight. this evening is the metropolitan museum of arts annual costume institute ball. we're talking loads of "a list" celebs (make that a + +). we are talking tons of superstar designers (john galliano, fransisco costa, alexander mcqueen are a few of the bold-faced names expected to come). we are talking FASHON. not fashion. but FA-SHON! you have to add base and emphasis to that last part. and we are talking one sad, lonely little girl who wishes she could be there. i'm on deadline. two stories due. one publication. but my social life is SHUTDOWN for the night. not shut down. but SHUT-DOWN! you've gotta add base and emphasis to that last part. tear...

john galliano with his date charlize theron at last year's ball. i can't decide if they look marvelous or look a mess.

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Maria Papoila said...


Please go to my blog and see my last post. It´s about a missing little girl.
If you can, copy that to your blog and translate in to your native language.

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