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Monday, May 07, 2007


so we all know - and love - narsico as a designer of fresh, classic, feminine pieces. well get to know another side: a smart, savvy business man who just announced that the liz claiborne corporation is purchasing half of his design house. now, although this means that technically liz claiborne owns half of his entire business - it now also means that he has lots more money to expand his clothing line across all categories. and according to what he told the fashion newspaper, womens wear daily, that's exactly what he plans to do. In an interview he said, "I feel great today. For so long, I wanted to branch into shoes in a bigger way and all accessories, and I haven’t been able to. For me, it’s so important to create the total look, and now, to have the opportunity to do that is really exciting.” I bet, and so is the opportunity to tell anyone who even thinks to look at you funny: "I'm rich bi*ch!"

designer narciso rodriguez flashes a smile. ummmm...wouldn't you be smiling too?

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