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Friday, May 18, 2007


king karl with la lohan at the show. really, i don't get the lindsay hype. i just don't. (wwd)

my california blaynistas, take note: under the "wish we were there files" comes tonights haute ( i love this word! i'm going to rename this blog "thisiswhyi'mhaute.") event. karl lagerfeld will be showing chanel's cruise collection in santa monica. up to 500 guests are expected -and ofcourse they are all bold-faced names. think demi moore, diane kruger, lily allen, mary-kate and ashley get it. how wierd is it though that when he had the chance to talk about the same californians who will be attending his show this evening, lagerfeld told wwd: "you have the feeling here that some of them survived serious car crashes." this was a not so subtle allusion to the plastic surgery epidemic in l.a. catty.
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