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Thursday, May 17, 2007


you can make paris smile by coping something from her new line. (

a ho. harlot. half-wit. druggie. i am sure paris hilton has been called many of these things and more. (no defamation suits please, just repeating what i've heard.) but can you please add "brand." to that list. yessir. "paris hilton" is officially a brand, and the license to this brand is owned by dollhouse, a division of bbc apparel group. in an interview featured in today's wwd, deke jamieson of dollhouse told wwd, "orders are flowing in daily" for paris hilton clothing and they are optimistic that the line will do well despite hilton's upcoming jail stint. he could be right. nordstrom and macy's are just a few of the brands who plan on carrying the line when it debuts. my mind wanders dear reader....what will these clothes look like? velour sweat suits with coochie-cut outs anyone?

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Anonymous said...

And could you believe her sentence was reduced to just 23 days now??

Just goes to show how celebrities are above the law when they do something wrong! They're not treated like normal people such as you and me.

---Mike Lyle

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