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Thursday, May 17, 2007


get into this fierce look (and fiercer model!) from valentino's fall 2007 show.

i know. i know. how many times can i use the word haute in headlines for this story. but it's so apropo. no? well on to the news. permira, a private equity fund, has emerged as the lead contender in the battle to buy the Valentino Fashion Group. wwd reported that they have purchased nearly 30% of stocks in the company, making them the single largest shareholder in the company right now. but they may not hold that title for long. the carlyle group, another fund, is going hard for the same title. so far, no good. but the race is still on so stay tuned. almost makes me want to ante up the cash to buy a few pieces of stock in valentino. it seems to be the hautest (don't hate me!) thing on the market in more ways than one.

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