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Monday, May 14, 2007


close your eyes and imagine a place in heaven where clothes are three times as fashionable as what you see at h+m, prices are more affordablethan what you see at most major department stores, sales associates actually help. can you see it? well in nine months you may be able to visit it! topshop, which is a fashionista's paradise, is this much closer to moving to new york city from london. according to womens wear daily, the company is moving quickly with it's plans to open a new york city location. expect the grand opening of top shop in nine months or less. now thats a special delivery.

shot of the outside of the store.

outside of topshop and top man - the men's version of the retailer.


Anonymous said...

Why is it called topshop topman for because it is meant too be topshop

Anonymous said...

fabulous name for a shop if your a man

Anonymous said...

topman is on the side, topman is the mens store

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