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Monday, May 14, 2007


louis vuitton "Temptation of Space Event"
as reported by the blayreport last week, louis vuitton is in collaboration with designer philippe starck to create luggage for civilian space travelers. (seriously). continuing the theme of vuitton and outer space, the luxury brand held an exhibit in paris last thursday. the exhibit was about photos, artifacts and inspiration on what else? outer space. here are some pics.

model isabelle adjani in front of a russel crotty space-inspired sculpture.(wwd)

designer paco rabane (wwd)

vera wang debuts "vera wang simply vera" to media
fashion editors were present to see the first pieces in "vera wang simply vera" collection. the items will be sold at kohl's at price points well below what vera wang items sell for.

vera sitting pretty and some fab looks from her kohl's line. who ever thought fab and kohls would be in the same sentence? but hey! (wwd)

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