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Sunday, June 17, 2007


blaynistas, as you can tell, this weekend is all about the personal photos. while in washington d.c i am staying at the fabulous hotel palorma. and i do mean fabulous. frette sheets, sleek furniture, a gorgeous pool, impeccable bathroom, awesome location. and are you ready for the kicker? a wine reception every evening between 5-6. loves it! but i digress, franklin and i came out here to check out all the wonderful (and free admission) smithsonian museums in d.c. check out the sites we saw below. oh, and what exactly is frandile? franklin+zandile=frandile. hey, i know what you are thinking. but don't blame me. my little sister, zeba, made the name up!

frandile sitting fountain side at a park between museums stops.

a close -up of the amazing textiles on display at the african art museum.

anyone living in the continental u.s has seen shots of the capitol building a thousand times. here is one thousand and one.

this striking piece was on display at the african art museum.

more textiles at you know where.....

upclose of me in front of some art (again) at the african art museum. get into that cleavage i'm showing! mom + auntie, don't be mad!


that's a life size giraffe dipping down for some water (or my cleavage?) at an exhibit at the natural history museum.

regal. this shot was taken at the national gallery of art.

frandile on the venerable steps of the national gallery of art. thanks to the dad pushing his kid in a stroller who stopped to take this shot of us.

giving much body in front of the gallery art. notice my trusty notebook? blaynista's, i am always reporting for you all. even on vacay. don't you love me!?

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