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Saturday, June 16, 2007


remember that fabulous dinner party i mentioned a while back? well i am finally blogging about it! it was held in the south bronx at the ultra sophisticated, fabulous, and urbane home of celebrity stylist: dhalimu robinson. the food was superb readers, i am talking honeyed sweet potatoes wrapped in warm phylo dough; lump crab meat mixed with fresh veggies and lightly fried; kielba sausages steeped in liquor and honey for days then grilled and the best cocktails in town. wait, did i mention the honey wine that dhali served? the most fabulous part of the evening though? the fabulous host and the fabulous guests! see below.

host, dhalium robinson strikes a pose in front of chocolate brown walls in a burberry jacket, yves saint laurent button up shirt, fendi pants and a smile by god.

me, debuting my new hairstyle (which is now different) in a bright yellow cocktail dress by h&m.

william, a juliard dance school grad, is rocking a very chic outfit. i love the fresh flower on his lapel. it was grown in south africa.

isn't she gorgeous? she is dhali's childhood friend and a wonderfully gifted singer. she sang a powerful gospel song for everyone.

don't you love this outfit? the striped piece underneath the blazer is actually a tie that he left hanging loose.

dhali and his close friend, and ridiculously talented dancer, william having a bite of those sweet potatoe phylo pastries i mentioned.

haven't heard of this fly diva? well get ready! her name is talia coles and she is getting ready to debut a new brand of music called "couture pop."i just did an article on her for jewel magazine.
ofcourse, i had to get a close up pic of her "brand new louis," also the name of her single. she copped this louis vuitton bag in japan.

my two favorite men: kareem angln, of the meerak group and host, dhali share a laugh.

let's get into this fly vintage ensemble kareem put together. i loves it. especially the bright yellow button up. an upclose of the j linbergh belt kareem has on.

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