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Friday, June 08, 2007

i'll blog back - part deux

blaynista's, i love you like a hustler loves the block. rains, sleet, snow, cops, immigration - NOTHING can keep me away from you - except deadlines. and mama is juggling a ton of them right now, hence my m.i.a - ness over the past few days. but check back soon for some fierce updates. i plan on posting all saturday morning, so there's more fassip coming your way! xo,zb

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Blessed said...

hey zandile... ( i can call you that rite? or do you prefer something else?).. i realized you don't have a chat box.. why not have one.. so 'we' could voice out.. and make more convenient comments???

just a suggestion.. thought it would be fun to read the thoughts of other fashionista's,

faithful reader,

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