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Monday, June 11, 2007


my favorite look fom kenzo's spring 2006 collection.

blaynista's, you know how much we love store openings - especially store openings in asia. well, while all this might be new for some brands, but kenzo, the venerable fragrance/design house has been on this ticket for over a decade now. they celebrated their longevity and success last week, with the opening of a brand-new concept store in shanghai, at the jinjang dickson center. And what's the concept you ask? "east-meets-west-parisian apartment," said christian piat, vice president of kenzo asia. Have no idea what that means? Well think, "white walls, cornices, and a beautiful black flooring, enhanced by many different plaster flowers on the walls, sculpted by italian artists - a neutral setting that allows the clothing to stand out." wow. well, this is kenzo's tenth china-located store in ten years. keep doing it.

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