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Monday, June 04, 2007


a look from valentino's fall 2007 collection. it's the end of an era at valentino so perhaps black is the apropo color. no?

blaynista, you should know their name by now. permira is the private equity group that went after the house of valentino with a vengeance - and succeeded. last friday, (while i was plugging away on FOUR STORIES! more about those later) it was announced that they have officially aqcuired control of valentino fashion group. but that's not all folks, they are still in talks to own an even larger percentage of the fashion house, according to and if gutting valentino wasn't enough...they are now going after hugo boss! they are talking with their stock holders about a possible bid for the controlling stake in that label. fashion is definitely not just glamorous. it's gangsta too.

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