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Monday, June 04, 2007


after checking out may 28th's fashion fix, "anonymous" asked:

"that tunic dress is cool but a bit pricey for my budget. Where can I grab one by the way? Thanks!"

my answer:

anonymous, i feel you! $70 for a cotton tunic is definitely a bit much! but what you are paying for is a vibrant, unique print which you won't find everywhere! if you are willing to save and spring for that exact dress, then visit to get one. you will probably get slammed with extra delivery fees, since topshop is based in the uk. but, if you want something similar, i suggest you check out urban outfitters. you didn't specify where you live, but urban outfitters is a national store - plus you can purchase their stuff online. they often have african-inspired print dresses and tops. if you live in the new york city area, i suggest taking a stroll through soho, where street vendors sell african print tunics/dresses by the dozens. or better yet, head to brooklyn where street merchants sell similar items. i hope you found this helpful!

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