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Friday, July 06, 2007


so you know and love my fashion fix column! now get ready for something equally fabulous: fashionista fix. it's where i highlight fabulous fashion insiders i know you'll love! today's is the wonderful pamela pekerman, founder of the amazing and creator of my favorite word, "bagista!" get to know her better and discover why she loves the blayreport as much as you do....

pamela is the consummate bagista!

my name: Pamela Pekerman (aka the bag guru)

my story: I'm a born and raised NYer with a love for elegant fashion, art deco glamour and bags bags bags. I've turned my passion for handbags into a dream job as a handbag trend forecaster, writer and occasional TV commentator (currently very occasionally, but hopefully more soon). I never would have guessed a site ( I dreamed up while commuting home from NYU would lead me on an amazing journey into the WONDERFUL world of entrepreneurship. I dream big now - book deals, TV, events - you name it I envision it happening! I can't tell you home amazingly powerful it feels and that's why I advise everyone to give it a shot. Aside from my world of bags I absolutely love my family, my boyfriend-bestfriend and dancing to Latin rhythms - Son Cuban is #1 for me.

my pic: since I haven't paid anyone to do professional shots yet, I use this from an event I hosted last year. I'm big on DVF and this wrap top is the first item I ever purchased. I've since become a bit addicted and clean house during her sample sales!! You can't really see my necklace but it's a purse charm covered in diamonds that opens - so perfect! Oh and my bag, of course, is a Ted Rossi python clutch which is so lux and reasonably priced at $350 - I mean python with full leather lining? such a good deal. FYI I sell it at (Come on, self promotional is sell preservation. Don't hate. A gals got to make money.)

my style: I'm not low-maintenance. Comfort is important, but I don't always keep in mind, to be honest. My style is timeless, glamorous, kind of 1950's style silhouettes with a modern twist. I love dresses and high heels. I hate flip flops and basic tank tops. As you can imagine, summer is my least favorite season for fashion. I do mix high low. Got some great H&M items, but I never skimp on accessories. Fabulous shoes and bags are a must and my personal repertoire includes my black Givenchy purse, my red Lulu Guinness tote and my LV speedy. Oh and I'm not too big on costume jewelry. Diamonds really are a girls best friend :).

why i love the blayreport: Z is one of the best motivators I know and has fabulous style. Everything she does comes from the heart and that's why I'm a reader :)

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