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Friday, July 06, 2007


these girls are bringing sexy back. and blaynista's don't know how to! i had to! (

blaynista's i know you've heard the good news: the cast of "sex in the city" is reuniting for a new feature length movie. this means lots of cute guys and even cuter clothes! according to several media sources, including the new york post, new line cinema's announced yesterday that it is sealing the deal with financiers and distributors for the film. this is good news indeed since kim catrall, who plays samantha on the show, held the deal up for two years. like a woman how knows her worth she said, "hell no" to the first deal she was offered because it did not pay her enough or give her the script control she wanted. just like her character on the show, she got exactly what she wants, and now "sex" fans are getting exactly what we want!

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