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Thursday, August 16, 2007


so we see them all the time. totally fab and fantastic pieces that look hella good on the runway. and only on the runway. somehow, they pizazz they posess when music is bumping and cameras are flashing, does't translate into real life where people are just....staring. i spied three pieces that might just fall into the cute on the catwalk and fug on the sidewalk category on one of my favorite blogs, toastthetrends. i say they are all sidewalk worthy. what do you think?

okay, so why does this work on the catwalk and the sidewalk? because all bubble coats are fug! but at least this one gives you something extra with innovative armholes and military style straps instead of a blah zipper. i'd rock this. maybe not with black tights and a stilleto though.

hmmm....this one is tricky. something is telling me it won't look so haute with jeans and snowboots. but the little girl in me who loves to play dress up would still give it a try!

sexy! but honestly? this one is strictly for the catwalk.

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