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Thursday, August 16, 2007


today is a double homecoming. the fashion fix column PLUS top shop make a triumphant return to the blayreport. why gone so long? i simply wasn't seeing anything that moved me. but lo and behold i've seen some awesome things. check out this military coat and "high-shine" denim from topshop......
what: military jacket
why: it's a new and refreshing silhouette for the fall. this double-breasted, wool and polyester blend piece will go perfectly with skinny jeans (see below) and stilettos.
co$t: $120 u.s.d or 60 british pounds

what: silver disco jeans
why: do you really need a reason? they are slim cut, have zippers on the ankles, and are SILVER PLATED!!! that last part had me sold from the word go. i can't decide if they are trashtastic or fantastic, but either way i'm buying them!
co$t: $100 u.s.d or $50 british pounds

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Anonymous said...

where can i buy these?

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