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Thursday, August 09, 2007


roberto going over details with h&m's creative director, margereta van de bosch (source)

so why exactly did roberto cavalli decide to design a capsule collection for h&m? you thought it was for money. but it was so much more than that blaynistas. so much more. read:

"The young stop me all over the world in the street and say 'Oh, Roberto, you're my idol'," he explains in Times2. "I said ok to H&M so that youngsters could have the chance to wear Cavalli, not just the beautiful stars on the red carpet. I hope to see lots of girls queuing up to discover what I have created for them."

oh i'll be one of them mr. roberto. look for me with vaseline on my face, a scarf on my hair, and brass knuckles in my chloe paddington bag. i'll be ready to fight for my right to buy cavalli at bottom-barrel prices.

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ceecee said...

hopefully it goes on sale as quickly as madonna's collection did!

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