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Thursday, August 09, 2007


the very wealthy owner of my favorite store - top shop! (source)

with two executives already gone and more heading out the door there is speculation that the top retailer is in big trouble. according to vogue online, top exec karyn renn, who holds the co-managing director title for top shop recently handed in her notice. and it looks like there are more to come, including two top executives who have already quit. does this signal the beginning of the end for the giant retailer? top shop owner, sir philip green, says naw. in an interview he gave to the u.k.'s evening standard he says, "Crisis means you're running out of money, you've got serious associated problems and difficulties. I don't think it means having the ability to recruit people if two out of 45,000 leave, do you? Foot and mouth – now that's what I'd call a crisis – and I haven't got that."

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