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Thursday, August 30, 2007


if you ever thought that everyone and their momma is launching a clothing line these days - you are right. from pop stars to sport stars, everyone is spinning their fame into fashion. now add awards shows to that list! the grammy's - yes, the music awards show - has announced the grammy brand, " a high-end fashion and merchandising collection for men and women." according to it's website. the clothes will be sold at luxury boutiques across the country starting this october. and in case you are seriously interested in purchasing this stuff, the price points range from "$50 for a unique fashion tee, to $1,200 for a signature leather jacket, and up to $7,000 for diamond-encrusted eye wear." blaynista's you've got to give me your thoughts on this one! i beg you. personally, i say enough already. fashion is fabulous - but there are other ways to extend your brand and even turn a profit. and if you ever wondered what clothes inspired by the award show would look like, see below....

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