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Thursday, August 30, 2007


looking for authentic california-surfer style? go to south korea! that's where who.a.u, one of the largest retailers in the region, sells laid back beach inspired pieces to the teen market. they are doing so well (e-land, the company that owns the chain of stores is worth $4 billion) that they've decided to set their sights on new territory: america. according to women's wear daily, who.a.u, is launching it's first store at the stamford town center in stamford, connecticut. and get this: it's over 4000 square feet and will house a soda bar and cappucino shop in addition to the requisite shorts, shirts, and belts. so what do you think about this? cause i'm thinking if what uniqlo did to gap's swagger is any indicator - then stores like abercrombie & fitch, as well as hollister should be a bit nervous. daniel pang, an exec for the company agrees. in an interview with wwd, he said: "Who.A.U. could eventually be as big as Hollister." gangsta! check out some items from their store below.

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