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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


chris benz is stylin' on these fools. (

okay, so first and foremost, the words and pictures in this post are entirely from they have a fabulous section called "post-cars" where jet setters who are jet setting write back to the hoi poloi in nyc and beyond to let them know about life in fabulous places like....aspen! today's is from fashion designer chris benz! (and lookout blaynista's, in a the future we will have first hand accounts from fabu readers like yourselves.)

now, from the pages of fashion week daily, and the mouth of chris benz....

"I’m sitting in the Aspen airport, it’s 7:45 p.m., and I’m exhausted and spinning after arriving in Aspen, Colorado last Wednesday for a great two-day Chris Benz trunk show at Distractions! Kelly Stinnett, my sales director, and I are waiting to board our standby flight to LAX and then our red-eye straight to New York. Then, at 7 a.m., it's back to the studio to check in on Spring 2008 sample development!

"All the chicest women of Aspen were there, trying on the Aunt Esther sweaters, picking up not one, but two or three sheared mink hats and layering up on the deep-v cashmere t-shirts in all the great fall colors!

"The weather is crazy here—gloriously sunny all morning until 3 o’clock when the mountain sky opens up and pours over the sleepy, diamond-studded hamlet. After the trunk shows each day, Kelly and I went to dinner with the shop girls from the store and had a grand time at the best restaurants in town like The Wild Fig (fantastic red snapper), and Campo de Fiori (delicioso carpaccio and frutti de mare)! Our favorite after-work spot was the lounge at The Little Nell. What’s better than a little buttery Chardonnay and white truffle oil & parmesan French fries? I did some great vintage shopping, too, and found an old pair of Gucci penny loafers and a vintage matador hat in Persian lamb! Finally, my perennial matador Halloween costume is complete. Look out for the new hat this year! Over, out, and blessings!Chris"

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