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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


the man's got style in spades. (

so blayreport correspondent, omar ibn abdullah, sent me this image of designer, giorgio armani yesterday. i have no idea when it was taken, why it was taken or where it was taken. but who cares? do you see how fabulous mr. armani looks. for a man in his age category ( i am guessing 60+) he looks ridiculously fit, happy, and dare-i-say-it? sexy! he is the picture of cultured, urbane living. this is truly why he's haute.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting site here - it has more written content than the usual fashion blog, which I find refreshing.

Btw, the amazing shot of Armani was a one-in-a-million chance taken by the writer/photographer at the site you linked to. Armani was on the street and the guy asked for a photo - what luck, huh?

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