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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


blaynistas! sometimes i have a hard time doing just one. enjoy my pics and commentary. all photos courtesy of angeles--despite a clearly beautiful and loving relationship - i haven't always liked looking at this couple. but today is not one of those days. I LIVE FOR THEIR OUTFIT! it's strange because they match without matching: they complement each other. will's very polished and virile combination of a quilted leather bomber with silk & wool-blend slacks looks great on him and sets up up as a great background for jada's blindingly pink short and jacket ensemble. and please peep that judith lieber cluth. (or it could be bottega veneta.) either way i am just as in love with their outfits as they are with each other. kudos!!!!
los angeles --- still at the same "i kingdom" premier that will and jada are at above. this is the garcelle beauvais and when did she get pregnant!? if somebody knows when and who the baby daddy is comment quick! with that said a big pregnant belly has never looked better. she's glowing and looks absolutely beautiful. los angeles -- believe me when i say serena's dress was cute. but for once, i didn't care about her outfit - it's her grooming that reeled me in. it's actually flawless. as you all know, serena often dresses well - but it's the up close that kills her. (bad make up, ashy skin, awful, awful, awful weaves.) this time she redeems herself. whoever did hair and make-up should stick with her forever.
new york - wow! is this ashanti!? she finally looked toned and fabulous. (or has a triple layer of spanx controlling underwear on.) i am loving her hair, dress and heels at this appearance on bet's 106 & Park to promote her album.


Anonymous said...

Garcelle announced she was pregnant early this summer after debuting her pictorial in Playboy. She is 7 months pregnant with twin boys by her husband Mike Nilon.

Anonymous said...

Her belly is not working for me.

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