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Thursday, September 20, 2007


this is "reformed boy band" take that. i have no idea who they are, but apparently they are sort of a big deal - and they have a new (fashion) deal... (source: the uk guardian)

there's serious talk that german shoe clothing giant addidas will be named an official sponsor for the 2012 london olympics this week. so far britains loyyds tsb and french energy firm edf have come on board. can i suggest stella mccartney for the apparel sponsorship which is still open!? (

the blayreport is now published from london! but you already knew that! (

did you know the little black dress has been around more than 80 years!? london's harrods luxury department store does. they unveiled their little black dress exhibition yesterday. according to wwd is will showcase black dresses worn by everyone from audrey hepburn in 1963's charde and elizabeth hurley in four weddings and a funeral. it will also feature newbies by chloe, gucci yves saint laurent. (

british pop sensation take that have signed on to be the new face of marks & spencer mens clothing. marks & spencer is actually a store i'm obsessed with in the u.k. (think of a less quirky and happy-go-lucky target). (london lite)

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