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Thursday, September 20, 2007


she could have just given me the $800 and i would have given her one of my old h&m dresses that NEVER rips! (source:

london---ofcourse, this isn't really relevant, but it's kate moss so that makes it weighty, important and a must-read for blaynista's: kate moss ripped her dress. but it wasn't just any dress, it was a 400 GBP (exchanges to nearly $800 USD) vintage dior gown which she'd only picked up a few days ago. papers in london gleefully report how last night, after hours of drinking and....she emerged from a fashion week party with the dress ripped to shreds. of course, these weren't any rips either. these were strategically placed rips that incited a frenzy: one right by her armpit and one in the center of her bum. but it's kate moss. so like a mentos commercial, she quickly rolled up the skirt, tied the extra fabric into a bough and walked out with a mini. gotta love a quick thinking girl!

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