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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


pictures from the new york times article. on the left, jason ferro, owner of bread denim. on the right, a specialist inspects denims at all american wash, where bread denims are made. (source:

los angeles--at this point, there's nothing at all revolutionary about jeans that cost $200+. but there's surely something to be said for jeans in that price category that are manufactured right here in america. with all the outsourcing going on, (for customer service from my local bank, i call india!) it's refreshing to see denim that's designed, manufactured, and customized right in the heart of pricey denim mecca: los angeles. the new york times just did an extensive piece on the rise in american made jeans. check it out here. and thanks to t.b.r correspondent, omar ibn abdullah for sending this over.

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