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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


blaynistays! did you miss me? did you ? i missed yall something fierce! how dare i let new york fashion week pass and london fashion week stroll by without nary a word! but there in lies the problem! i was all in the mix and never on the computer! my bad!!! but i'm back now. so am i forgiven? not only am i back , i am officially based in london now! this is my third day in the foggy apple. and so far so wow. i miss home and my momma and auntie and sis and friends and of course b.f, but i'm gonna have to make it do what it do. but enough about me! on to the daily fashion fassip! this is me and my ever ready chloe paddington on black friars road on my way home!
so i look a lil pudge in this photo! it's not me. it's the clothes and the angle. seriously! but yes!! i am backstage at the christopher kane show. read more about the juice backstage above!

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Dominican Enigma said...

You look amazing!! you go girl! Have fun in London. I hear it's amazing!!

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