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Monday, September 10, 2007


mtv video awards. last night. wow. more hot messes and haute messes than you could imagine. but below are my faves and some of my not so faves. all pics courtesy of

beyonce is giving much body in this toga-style gold lame dress. i want to say that the voluminous shape almost makes it unflattering. but it's refreshing to see her in a more relaxed piece, versus her standard figure hugging numbers. the hair and the smile are flawless too.
lil' mama, giving more than a lil' mess in this outfit. i am stressed out just looking at it. this girl has a beautiful face, great body (no homo) and loads of swagger. i get how coy, and playful, and "ghetto fab" this look is supposed to be. but it does the pint-sized performer no justice. not into it.
kanye west is weird. as all very talented artists are. his hissy fit last night (as reported on ybf) just makes him weirder and totally immature. but that has nothing to do with fashion right? my bad! his outfit is okay. pretty standard. and almost corny because he does what EVERYONE else does, and paired it with sneaks. his g.f looks fab. and did you know she has a clothing line coming out!? it's called ghita and it debuts during nyc fashion week tomorrow!

woooooow. woooowww. woooow. when did this happen? i am not talking about the outfit. that definitely happened in '98. dre could have added some more oomph to this outfit. navy top and light blue jeans feels so standard and dated. but showing off his style savvy had nothing to do with why dre chose this look - showing of those monstrous muscles did. i'm glad he's not chub, but i'm not sure if i'm happy he's this buff....
me no like. the shoes and the hemline of this dress drag this look down. eve, do better!
i just had to share. the outfit is really besides the point. it's all about the body - or lack of it - that britney is giving.

ashanti looks cute! the dress compliment her body beautifully, and as usual that skin is bronzed and glowing. loves it!
mary j. blige = beautiful!
this electric pink gown looks fabulous on ri. somehow the mix of modern hair and classic gown adds up to a pretty stunning look. i am into this.
paris is giving me "dallas," both the city and the show with her hair and outfit. to some that might spell tacky, but to me it's trashtastic. i love this look! it's haute.

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