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Friday, September 07, 2007


jamila loved pieces designed by john varvatos for converse.

examples of what those pieces look like. interesting.

hey 'nistas! you know all about magic don't you? it's the uber big, uber popular convention where new clothing lines are debuted and old clothing lines show us what's new. it started out as a trade/industry event way back when, but in recent years it's blossomed into a must-attend events for the fabulatti. (i made that word up!) from top editors (instyle, lucky, seventeen- they all attend) to top celebrities (beyonce & jay-z were there) it's a star-studded, fashion extravaganza - sort of like fashion week. jamila galloway, former assistant fashion editor at seventeen and now a buyer for dr.jays and dr.jays premium was there and sat with us to give the scoop on what was haute and what was not....

TBR: So J! Why exactly did you go to Magic?
J.G: To find new contemporary brands to sell on our site. I was mainly looking for menswear but wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped. I found lots of great denim brands and have made appointments to check them out next week.
TBR: Oh that's awesome! Overall, how did you like the event?
J.G: I had a great time, this was my first one so I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I can say is it was very exhausting. I needed a nap after each day. Everyday we would start at 10am and walk the show until about 4pm. Not to mention having to travel to different hotels since every brand didn’t show at the main convention center.
TBR: Well, at least you burned calories! Okay, so what brands did you totally fall in love with at Magic?
J.G: I’m really excited about bringing on Converse by John Varvatos men and women. It was such a strong line. It has been by far my favorite. The price points are amazing and John himself is such a talented designer.
TBR: What were the price points?
J.G: About $65-300
TBR: What overall trends did you see?
J.G: Well for spring we expect to see lots of red white and blue nautical themes as well as lots of jumpsuits. Also one major thing I noticed is that a lot of the spring colors are very neutral more so what you expect to see in a fall line.
TBR: Will any of these fashions be available at djpremium or online?
J.G: Sure lots of the brands I saw will be up! I’m seeing some of them this week to place orders!
TBR: Fabulous! Maybe as BlayReport readers we can get discounts.....? Just asking!

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