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Thursday, September 06, 2007


wow: for the wedding and the wedding outfits. (source)
honestly, i am still in shock that usher is actually married, and i'm downright dumbfounded that he's married to tameka. wow. but on to the fash-on! he's wearing i don't know. but can i take a stab and say it's either gucci, tom ford, or ysl? she is wearing vera wang. and both look fabulous. on her, i think the dress is pretty flattering and does a great job of complimenting & concealing her pregnant belly. her hair is fabulous and usher looks well groomed (as usual.). this is a very classic and timeless wedding look for both of them. i imagine it will remain so, far longer than their actual marriage. (i give them five years - tops!)

update: my buddy kareem anglin says usher is wearing giorgia armani. i was wrong. (for the first and last time ever!)

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