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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

quick note from z to u

london--blaynistas! i just wanted to let you know there are more posts coming for today- of course! BUT i'm on deadline at the moment and busily i'm typing away at a starbucks on london's saint martins lane. AS SOON as i'm done, i'm getting back to the business of blogging. so come back in a few for more fab fassip and in the meantime enjoy what i've posted below so far. don't you love my personal notes!? and not that you asked, but i thought i'd share today's outfit with you: super comfy, stretch black waffle knit legging,s a huge, cable-knit gray sweater - casually worn over a custom made "fauxberry" shirt made especially for me my eric coles of red coles ( on my feet? patent leather strappy flat sandals. on my head? a fabulous weave topped off by a faux fur hat........quiet lovely. okay! back to work. let's talk later. xo, zb

updated: FINISHED THE PIECE! it was a story on minorities in the retail industry and i got the opportunity to interview five fabulous young people who are climbing the ladder quickly in the corporate retail world. i'll post the piece once it's edited and published!

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