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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


the irony is neither beyonce or solange formally graduated from high school. but that doesn't mean they can't take cash from those who did. love it! (sourcc:

soooo.....would you put your bundle of joy in h.o.d clothing?

usa--'nista's forgive me for sitting on this delicious bit of news: the house of dereon has launched two new product lines: baby clothes and class rings. i tried looking for some credible news or press releases to get you guys more essential details - but all i found were bloggers who couldn't stop laughing at what is also called the house of dead wrong. in the future, neither my beautiful baby or preteen will be caught in an h.o.d onsie or class ring. there are better ways to spend $500 (what the ring retails for!). but at the same time, i say kudos to beyonce and family for continuing to flip that money thirty ways. bloggers and media may not be buying this stuff. but somebody sure is. is it you!?

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