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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


find this flyer and the steamy commercial online at

new york--diddy is at it again! the music/fashion/fragrance mogul has just launched unforgivable woman, the female version of hit top selling fragrance. (literally, the fragrance tied with hermes this year at the fifi awards.) in true diddy fashion, this upcoming project was not without controversy. the trouble this time? cable and network television execs thought the ads - which center around diddy's encounter with a model at a time square hotel - was a little too steamy for the air. instead of editing it like they suggested, he made a shrewder and much more publicity conscious decision to air the ads on myspace. check them out at i saw the ad myself and to be honest, it made me squirm. it looks and feels like soft porn - and diddy is no porn star.

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