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Monday, October 15, 2007


palm beach is the next on a growing list of cities that are launching their own fashion week.
palm beach, florida--february is going to be hauter than usual in palm beach. that's because fashion week palm beach is launching, and according to the new owner, lauren malis, it will be bigger, better and bolder. " our hope is that palm beach fashion week will become another stop on the circut of fashion weeks held around the world," says malis on (really though!?) "we are talking to iconic brands to participate and seeking sponsors from the automobile, hospitality, luxury goods adn beauty sectors to make not only theopening night, but the week-long slate of events, something better that people all over Palm County will want to attend." (really?!) opening night will be february 29th at the mar-a-lago country club. no shade towards palm beach or palm county - it's a beautiful place - but i am curious as to which editors (besides local press) will be checking for this.

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Marie said...

Wow, fashion week at Palm Beach??
I guess I will have to check that out, it's only 2hour drive for moi.
I love your blog by the way!

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