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Monday, October 15, 2007


what young, big breasted, r&b singer would wear THAT to perform? a chaste dresser!
this is as raunchy as it gets (in the wardrobe department) for ms. cole. and even then, instead of throwing on slutty stilletos, she wears knee high boots with this outfit. she clearly cares about covering up. (no sarcasm at all intended readers!)
the cover of king in a tunic!? come on! you know she insisted on wearing a modest piece instead of the standard two-piece!
the ultimate point: her latest album cover is not of her in a skimpy outfit and a seductive pose, but of (gasp!) her eyes!

worldwide--so it occured to me while scouting for photos for the rundown section that r&b singer, keyshia cole dresses very modestly. now i understand that short shorts and loads of cleavage do not a modest outfit make - but that's the real world. however, in the music industry you might as well be a nun if you don't slip into a bikini for every video, magazine cover story or publicity shot. by those standards, keyshia, who appeared on the cover of king in a tunic and regularly performs in sweatsuits and puffy coats is leading the charge on chaste dressing. carry on sister-girl. carry on.


Anonymous said...

her chest looks ginormous on the cover of king! photoshopped?

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the only reason Ms. Cole dresses modestly is because she doesn't have the body to be wearing more hoochie-like clothes.

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