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Thursday, October 11, 2007


this looks like a true lifestyle store. loving it. (all photos from

wgsn reports that the documentary, marc jacobs & louis vuitton, will air on the sundance channel in february 2008. (wgsn)'s opened the u.s stock market yesterday in celebration of the opening of it's new wall street location. the high-end jeweler also unveiled the design of it's new ginza district store in japan. according to it's architet, kengo kuma, it is a "jewelry-like architecture that echoes tiffany's visual identity"........remember that new monique l'huillier store i blogged about earlier this year? it's just opened on melrose avenue in l.a. good luck monique! not that you need it ( zandile blay has a bunch of new articles, photos and press on her official website. check out the updates at (zandile)..........kate spade has snatched deborah lloyd, banana republic's executive vice president of product design and development to be it's new co-president and creative director. i just want to know what the new salary is. i'm sure it's beyond fab. (can i get a loan?) (

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