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Thursday, October 11, 2007


so can you believe that all these dresses are from "the house of dead wrong!?" they are finally getting something right. (all pics from

new york--so house of dereon is relaunching - and reinventing itself- and this time you'll love it! don't laugh. according to an indepth piece in today's womens wear daily the brand, which initially launched and flopped as a denim/sportswear line in 2004, is now revamping itself to be a strictly dressy line. now, instead of jeans and cropped jackets, customers can buy prom dresses, fancy gowns and cocktail mini's from the house of dereon. all pieces are based on concert costumes and red-carpet dresses worn by beyonce and friends. according to beyonce's mama, tina knowles, the new direction of this line is one that's close to her heart."I've lent designer dresses that the girls used to wear in Destiny's Child to some of the girls in my youth center at my church," she said. "And I've also made dresses for some of them, so I'm so happy to have this line now, where many girls can buy my dresses." honestly, i'm happy too. the dresses look fabulous as you can see above. and sidebar: did you know that the brand is on track to make a wholesale sales of $100 million this year alone? just like j.lo, south pole and fetish - i want to know: whose buying this stuff?


Anonymous said...

Beyonce and her mommy need to stop, now.

Anonymous said...

These are much better than those Terry Cloth cropped pants & Jacket suits they tried to bamboozle people with before.

AAWesome said...


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