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Sunday, October 21, 2007


beautiful. and so are the clothes. (pic source: getty images)

brooklyn, ny--kathy lee gifford had her husband frank, and i have my boyfriend franklin. and we both like to talk about them in exorbitant amounts. so here's another opportunity to talk about my baby! he made his runway debut yesterday at brooklyn fashion week(end), which took place at the tobacco warehouse by the brooklyn bridge. overall, the show was spectacular (look for more details and pics once i get them from my photographer) but the highlight was the nana boateng show which featured amazing menswear. the highlight of this highlight was my boyfriend, franklin baez, who managed to make a fuschia pink top and bottom ensemble look amazingly haute and sexy. i could be biased in this opinion - but the pros agree. getty images, which is highly selective when it comes to the images chose franklin's photo to post on their official website: fortunately for you, you don't have to do much to feast your eyes on this fabulous photo. congrats to franklin on his debut!

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jaja said...

Lucky you. I was @ the show and your man definitely made a full-on fuchsia outfit look masculine! Love boateng's whole collection. If only I had a man to style....**sigh**

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